Where Should the Public Sector Invest in Alternative Modes of Transport?

A Comparative Study of Car Clubs and Electric Vehicles in London has been recently published by John Moore, Jacob Rodriguez, Masayo Tokuhiro and Christopher Wang, of The London School of Economics & Political Science in conjunction with Arup.

Even if electric vehicles programs and Car Clubs are not necessarily an alternative, the researcher approached the two options in terms of prioritizing the public investment.

The key findings are:

1. From the perspective of the public sector, car clubs provide a total social benefit that is four-times as great as that of EVs;

2. Much of this discrepancy in total social benefit stems from the reduction of CO2 and improved air quality, which car clubs contribute to significantly more than EVs;

3. From the perspective of the individual consumer, car clubs appeal to consumers across a wider spectrum of income levels than do EVs;

4. EVs still represent a highly positive social investment and significant opportunities to integrate EVs with car clubs.

More information at Final_Capstone_Report_Arup