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Five Foundational Carsharing Policies for Any City

Increase Hurdles around Personal Vehicle Ownership

Use policies to maket it more difficult and expensive to own a personal vehicle in your city and combine that with ease and reduction of costs for carsharing, biking and public transit. This will increase the motivation for people to switch to a multi modal mobility lifestyle.

Develop an Equitable and Comprehensive Parking Framework

Parking privileges are not only essential for successful carshare operations, they create a powerful incentive for people to change behaviour. If parking your own personal vehicles is more burdensome than a carshare vehicle, then people will more likely shed their vehicles.

Ensure That Carshare Parking Privileges are Affordable

Margins for carshare operators are generally razor thin and high parking costs are one of the most cited reasons why carshare organizations leave a city. Your parking pricing strategy has to be focused on creating a long-term relationship with the carshare provider.

Make Carshare Part of a Larger Mobility Ecosystem

movmi conducts surveys of shared mobility users on a regular basis and the #1 reason people switch to a new form of mobility is because of convenience. Providing easy access to a variety of options for different use cases increases ease of use and behaviour change and supports the success of your carshare organizations.

Introduce a Mobility Management Program for Employers

Extensive employer marketing and education campaigns have been instrumental in several cities to reduce single vehicle occupancy commutes and are an excellent way in motivating people to use carsharing.

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    Accelerating Your Carsharing EV Fleet. The “On the Ground” Experience – March 19, 2024

    The Global Car Sharing Association held a webinar on the topic of car sharing and electric vehicles. Executive Director, Pam Cooley, welcomed experienced Erin Sullivan from MODO, in Vancouver Canada, Will Schroeer from HOURCAR, Twin Cities, Minnesota and Ziad Yassine, from Berkeley’s, TSRC. Special thanks to Convadis for supporting the growth of carsharing by sponsoring this event!

    Global Carshare Health Check webinar - January 10, 2023

    Victoria Carter ONZM leads the Global Carshare Health Check, a look back on the challenges of recent years with carsharing operators from Australia, Europe, and Canada. Hear about how shortages in the fleet supply chain and high fuel prices have informed the 'new normal' in the post-pandemic carsharing world and join a discussion about making a sound economic use-case for carsharing that appeals to the consumer.

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    The Carsharing City Award is a friendly competition between cities worldwide who have embraced, engaged, or partnered with carsharing services, and are driving innovative best practices, developing their policies, and ultimately presenting these to other cities in an effort to improve more cities’ multi-mobility systems.
    Thank you to our jurors, to movmi and to everyone else who helped make the awards happen.

    Now is the time to build a future
    based on shared car mobility.

    Currently there are many new entrants in the mobility sector and are getting a lot of attention sometimes good and sometimes bad. However, carsharing is the ONLY proven mode that meets the mandates of most cities – to reduce the private and fleet car ownership.

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