Why join?

With 18 members, the CSA is the voice of carsharing organizations around the world. Joining the CSA has a number of advantages:

1. Be heard

Association activities include public relations and communications to promote the expansion of carsharing as an alternative to private car ownership

2. Exchange your expertise and learn from others

The CSA shares best practices between members.

3. Be connected

The CSA has established roaming agreements among member-organizations.

4. Take your organization further

The CSA commissions academic research to quantify the positive impacts of transit-oriented carsharing. The CSA also conducts it own data gathering and analysis on emerging trends in carsharing.

5. Demonstrate your commitment to ethics and environmental and social benefits

Traditional 2-way carsharing organizations are committed to adhere to of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Shared vehicle mobility orgzanizations support the CSA’s stated purpose, goal and mission.  Working together, members help define the standards of the emerging carsharing industry.