Nuts-and-Bolts Workshop – June 12, 2014

After the Innovations in Mobility Public Policy Summit has ended, the CSA will host an operationally-oriented workshop for carsharing operators. The aim of the nuts-and-bolts session is to allow members to share their best practices & success stories so other participating CSOs can put them into practical use in their carsharing community. This session will provide time to explore operational issues and build alliances to strengthen the Association’s members.

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 Session Topics

Questions for Discussion

Member Services

What is your CSO doing to make the member experience better?  How do you hire the best people? What processes and procedures are in place to manage and measure success?   What service technologies and tools are needed to achieve your organization’s member care goals? 


What have your experiences with your technology provider been like?  How are you transforming your system data into valuable business intelligence? What challenges have been faced, solved?  What issues do you continue to struggle with?

Damage Management

How is damage reported/detected and controlled?  What Member policies and programs have been successful? What have your experiences with insurance providers been like? (e.g. renewals, claims, etc.)


What are examples of successful partnerships that have driven membership growth?  How have smaller CSOs invested in social media and web marketing?  How have the results been measured?

Fleet Management

What has your experience been with buying and selling cars?  How is your working relationship with partners? (e.g. mechanics, body shops, recovery specialists, etc.)

End of day session

What do we want the CSA to do next to continue supporting the development of smaller CSOs?

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