Special resolutions to change eligibility for membership approved

At the Annual Meeting held March 11, CSA members voted to to allow large carsharing companies, including car rental and car manufacturers, to become full members of the Association.  By permitting these new members to join, CSA is well positioned develop a unified industry voice to  advance cooperation between shared-use providers, public transport and cities.

CSA remains focussed on ‘member-driven cars’, including round-trip, one-way, free-floating and peer-to-peer business models.  The CSA cooperates with bikesharing, ridesharing, carpooling, vanpooling, rental car, TNCs and other forms of urban mobility and considers these actors a part of the “portfolio of mobility options” that complements public transit and reduces the need for private car ownership in cities. The CSA is looking forward to engaging potential new members, identifying common interests and advancing cooperation in the development of the carsharing industry.