Respiro becomes a member of the CSA

Launched in 2010, Respiro Car Sharing is the pioneering car sharing company in the capital of Spain and currently offers its services in a network of over 100 car parks in the city of Madrid. Respiro´s low emission-, electric and hybrid cars represent the smart alternative to the private car for thousands of residents and businesses with their “pay as you go” system that allows members to rent cars by the hour or day with petrol and insurance included starting at 2 € / h and 25 € / day.

Respiro aims to ease traffic congestion, reduce pollution and improve the economy of its users. Respiro members typically save between € 3,000 and € 4,000 per year in comparison with the same use as with a private car, while retrieving urban space that in recent years the private car has stolen from the real protagonists of the city, its citizens.

At the time of joining the association in December 2014, Respiro has over 12,000 users and a network of approximately 200 cars distributed in all main neighborhoods, figures that make respiro a reference and the nationwide sector leader in car sharing.

Finally, Respiro fully offsets its carbon footprint, which earns it the CeroCO2 label as a certified carbon neutral company for compensating all emissions generated from the manufacture of its fleet to all the trips of its users.

For more information about Respiro or meet collaboration opportunities with our company, please contact Mr. Agustín de Saralegui: