Being a member of the Carsharing Association (CSA) – a global association dedicated to the carsharing industry – is a great way to shape our crucial, ever-evolving role in the shared mobility space.

Why a Carsharing Association Membership?

When Carsharing services grow – so does shared mobility and the transportation ecosystem. It’s that key.

It’s proven – if you want people to consider getting out of their personal use vehicles, then you must give them an option of this mode.

Don’t take our word for it: check out the video below to see all the benefits carsharing has brought to St. Paul, Minnesota!

By becoming a member, you not only contribute to the growth of carsharing but also join a vibrant community committed to shaping the future of eco-friendly transportation.

“We have a tool, called carsharing. Carsharing is one of the only proven tools, the traditional round-trip carsharing model, that can actually change behavior that leads to the reduction of people using cars, reduction in car ownership over time, and increase in the use of other modes of transportation.

Carsharing is the only quantifiable, tested and studied program, and if I were a city, this would be one of the first things I would focus on to change behavior in our transportation system.”

Tim Papandreau, former Chief Innovation Officer – Emerging Transportation Systems at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, WAYMO, Google

Membership Benefits

1. Grow Your Mobility Network with a Diverse Membership Community

Establish global connections with a diverse network that includes two-way and one-way carsharing organizations, technology firms, government bodies, researchers, students, and more. Embrace the collaborative spirit and actively contribute to the evolution of shared mobility.

2. Collective Social Media Presence

Leverage CSA’s platform to amplify your organization’s social media presence. Benefit from collective announcements to enhance your visibility in the industry.

3. Empower Industry Advancements by Sharing Best Practices

Foster a culture of continuous improvement by sharing lessons learned, contributing to thought leadership, and proving and benefitting from exclusive learning opportunities. Enhance your bottom line through shared knowledge, leading to efficient operations and increased profitability.

4. Global Conferences and Events

Engage with industry leaders, discover best practices, and explore cutting-edge technologies at our biennial global conference. Stay informed, share insights, and learn about supporting technologies that drive the carsharing sector forward.

5. Sponsorship and Exposure

Enhance visibility through event sponsorships, attracting potential partners, clients, and stakeholders.

6. Webinars for Insightful and Actionable Discussions

Participate in webinars focusing on practical and visionary topics like EV integration, marketing strategies, and city planning. Shape discussions by suggesting topics of interest and stay connected with industry experts.

7. Stay Updated on Policies and Innovations

Stay informed on policies and innovations, ensuring your organization adapts to the evolving landscape.

8. Access to Shared Library of Research and Resources

Access a growing library of carsharing research, best practices, and valuable resources. Stay updated on progressive parking policies and gain insights from past conference presentations for a comprehensive knowledge base.

9. Discuss Rapid Changes in the Mobility Industry

 Engage in regular discussions to anticipate and adapt to shifts in the carsharing landscape. We can provide confidential conversations with carsharing experts or a discussion with trusted partners about specific topics. Or, introduce you to an Affiliate member who may be able to solve your problem.

Join the CSA today

Join CSA today and navigate the dynamic carsharing industry with strategies that foster growth, innovation, and long-term sustainability. Together, let's drive the future of shared mobility.

CSA Members

Our membership is made up of carsharing organizations from around the world - including Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

CSA Affiliates

Join the carsharing movement and participate in reducing the dependence on personal use vehicles.

Affiliation is offered to organizations that are not operating fleets of vehicles, but play a supporting role for operators and seek to grow the industry.

These include carsharing suppliers, transit organizations, micro mobility organizations, governments, educational institutions, research companies, etc., that are aligned with the purpose, goal, and mission of the CSA.