Being a member of the Carsharing Association (CSA) – a global association dedicated to the carsharing industry – is a great way to shape our crucial, ever-evolving role in the shared mobility space.

The Benefits of Membership

Get heard.

Your participation is key to keeping our industry voice heard in these complex times. Strong membership support will raise profile for all organizations supporting the carshare sector, especially CSOs. This will give us a strong platform and a rightful place in the “shared-mobility agenda”, locally and abroad and as we look to the future of the automated vehicle.

Be enlightened.

Your membership also enables the CSA to create events with impact, such as our webinar series and annual conferences, which receive record attendance and world-class speakers.

Stay connected.

Many CSOs work in isolation in their own regions, with the world and industry changing all around them. Imagine instead the benefits of being connected to a network of CSOs experiencing similar challenges and opportunities, and the broader shared mobility sector as a whole. As part of the CSA, you get the invaluable experience of being able to troubleshoot your issues and celebrate your achievements locally, while creating global impact and systemic change.

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CSA Members

Our membership is made up of carsharing organizations from around the world - including Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

CSA Affiliates

Join the carsharing movement and participate in reducing the dependence on personal use vehicles.

Affiliation is offered to organizations are not operating fleets of vehicles, but play supporting role for operators and are aligned with the purpose, goal and mission of the CSA.