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Starting, operating and growing carsharing services is challenging. There is a responsibility to funders, investors and users to gain success in an efficient manner. You can do this by enabling best practices and learning from other’s successes (and failures) is crucial. 

Whatever stage you are in, reach out to the CSA’s executive director and have a chat about a way forward. The CSA has consulting services as well as Affiliate Members with ample experience and knowledge to get you started or coaching through growth or a difficult period.


Speaker Topics

Need a speaker? Pick a topic! Here are a few ideas for your next meeting or conference.

  • Carsharing, how does it work?
  • Why is carsharing pivotal in getting cities to a multi-modal approach to moving people? What does it take to implement?
  • Mobility integration and land use planning and how they are fundamental to moving people with less personal use vehicles
  • Carsharing and the environment – low hanging fruit for cities

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