Members and Affiliates

The Carsharing Association offers membership to carsharing organizations that subscribe to the purpose, goal and mission of the Association and deliver social and environmental benefits.  If you operate a fleet of shared vehicles, you’re eligible to apply.

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Affiliation is offered to organizations are not operating fleets of vehicles, but play supporting role for operators and are aligned with the CSA’s purpose, goal and mission.

1)    Suppliers

  • Vendors of vehicles, technology, or consulting services to the carsharing industry

2)    Transportation, Shared Economy and Collaborative Consumption Organizations

  • Encourage or facilitate sustainable mobility or the shared use of assets
  • Intend to deliver social and environmental benefits in transportation or through sharing

3)    Public Bodies, Associations, Universities

  • Public institutions and agencies, environmental or industry associations, universities or their research institutes committed to the advancement of knowledge about the nature and performance of sustainable transportation options

4)    Students

  • Employed by, or registered as a full-time student at, a recognized post-secondary institution.

5)    Individuals

  • People wishing to be involved with the Carsharing Association, but are not able to represent an organization as an affiliate or member.

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