CSA 2015 Carsharing Conference Slide Presentations


Presenter Name of Presentation
Time Savoie, Translink Welcome to Vancouver
April Rinne, Keynote Setting the Stage: Carsharing, the Sharing Economy & the Bigger Picture
The Importance of Research
Susan Shaheen The Role of Research in Shared Mobility and Public Policy
Todd Litman Use of Public Space for Shared Mobility
Cities: Use of Public Space for Shared Mobility
Kiersten Grove Shared Use Mobility in Seattle
Knowles Tivendale Parking in Melbourne
Tanya Paz Carsharing Parking Policies: Metro Vancouver’s Best Practices
Public Transit: Integrated Mobility
Chris Morgan Car Sharing Using Electric Vehicles
Jeremy Finkleman The Fifth Mode: Trip and System Characteristics of One-Way Car Sharing in Metro Vancouver
Bodo Schwieger Effects of Second Generation Car Sharing on Public Transport
Susan Shaheen Business Carsharing Models: History & Understanding
Jorg Beckmann Transforming Mobility: Some Small Ideas from “the Swiss Oasis”
Electric Vehicle Sharing Panel
Catherine Kargas EV Car Sharing: Today & Tomorrow
John Stonier VELOMETRO
Marco Viviani Communauto: Innovation in Carsharing For Over 20 Years
Electric Vehicle Sharing Panel (continued)
Peter Dempster Electric Vehicle Car Sharing
Research: Carsharing Models and Impacts
Susan Shaheen Worldwide Carsharing Trends and Research Highlights
International Forum
Ntando Kubelko LOCOMUTE
Stephane Savoure Break Free From Your Car and Save Your City
Matt Eastwood Funding the Development of Carsharing in Scotland, UK
Technology: Connected Cars, Smartphones, Autonomous Vehicles
Alex Aryafar Open Data with Open Travel Alliance
Vincent Pilloy Vulog: New Generation Carsharing Technology Provider
Rudy Six Smartphones and Carsharing
Peter Soutter Car Sharing Solutions
Catherine Kargas Tomorrow’s Mobility will be SEAMless
Operations, Service and the Public Interest
Keiran Ryan Pogo Carshare
Monika Prohl City of Vancouver Car Share Program
Megan Hansen Integrated Access to Carsharing & Public Transit
Tim Prior eThos Electric Car Share
The Future of Mobility
Gregor Wielinksi & Benoit Robert One-Way Carsharing and Electric Vehicles