JustShareIt becomes a CSA Affiliate

The CarSharing Association is pleased to announce that JustShareIt (JSI) is now a CSA Affiliate. JSI offers a car rental marketplace and a cloud-based technology platform for car sharing and car rental operators. JSI has a mobile app that provides consumers with instant access to vehicles on an hourly or daily basis.

JSI offers a mobility platform that performs new member approval processes (e.g. driving record, credit rating, etc) and allows carsharing and car rental operators to approve applicants more quickly and get them into cars faster.  RideLink, JSI’s on board telematics system, allows drivers to use mobile phones to access vehicles without needing a separately issued RFID carsharing fob card.

Carsharing operators may make their vehicles available to be rented through the JSI Car Rental Marketplace. Cars can be found and booked by vetted, qualified JustShareIt members —  driving additional utilization and revenue to your organization.

For more on JSI vist http://www.justshareit.com