Shared Use Mobility Summit – San Francisco, October 10 & 11

Anyone interested or involved in the exciting and fast-evolving shared-use mobility service sector needs to attend the upcoming Shared Use Mobility Summit to be held October 10-11,in San Francisco. This will be the first-ever gathering of well-known and respected leaders from industry, government and academia involved in carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing. The Summit is being held by the Transportation Sustainability Research Center of UC Berkeley, under the direction of its Co-Director, Dr. Susan Shaheen, a leading authority on shared use mobility.

The Summit will include a series of policy discussions and industry panels on shared-use mobility in its many forms. Attendees will get a comprehensive understanding of the technologies, business models, and integration opportunities for shared use mobility – as well as a peek at new developments on the horizon. Summit participants will include policy makers from a broad spectrum of transportation, regulatory and planning agencies throughout the country who are involved in this rapidly developing area. Representatives from allied industries, such as auto insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, and technology providers will also participate.

The agenda includes topics such as

  • The Sharing Economy: Scaling the Shared-Use Mobility Marketplace
  • Insuring Shared-Use Mobility Services
  • Bikesharing: Funding 2.0
  • Fostering Multi-Modal Integration and Public Transit Connections
  • The Future of Mobility and Transportation Policy and Planning
  • Breakout sessions with carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing industry leaders

Speakers include

  • Mayor Edwin Lee, City of San Francisco (invited)
  • Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, San Francisco MTA
  • Gabe Klein, Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner
  • Art Guzzetti, American Public Transportation Association
  • Kevin Desmond, General Manager, King County Metro
  • Sean O’Sullivan, CEO, Carma
  • Sunil Paul, CEO, SideCar
  • John Zimmer, CEO, Lyft
  • Alan Woodland, Executive Director, Carsharing Association
  • Marzia Zafar, Policy & Planning Division, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Dr. Susan Shaheen, Co-Director, TSRC, UC Berkeley

and many others

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