Zoomcar becomes a member of the CSA

Zoomcar is India's first car rental company and it provides its users both a traditional car rental as well as carsharing experience.  It's the only company pan-India to focus exclusively on non-chauffeur driven car rental.   Started in 2013, Zoomcar currently operates across 3 cities with a fleet of nearly 1,000 cars spread across nearly 150 pickup points.  To date, Zoomcar has served more than 50,000 reservations.   Over the next 12 months, Zoomcar will add 5,000 more cars to its fleet and … [Read more...]

Six Transportation Trends That Will Change How We Move

This article from Michael Linse, Brook Porter, Zach Barasz was originally posted on the KPBC Blog.  KPCB is a venture capital firm that manages a portfolio of transportation investments. This article stimulates thought on how emerging technologies will affect transportation choices and behavior in the longer-term.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Since the British pioneered “road locomotives” more than a century ago, people have traveled from point to point in … [Read more...]

CSA becomes a member of the American Public Transportation Association

Since inception, the CarSharing Association has advocated for 'transit-oriented carsharing' and encouraged the use of public transit and active transportation to increase the impact of "car-free" or "car-light" lifestyles. Over the years, there has been a number of examples of co-operation between public transit and carsharing operators.  For example at many train stations, customers are able to exit a train platform and quickly find a conveniently-located shared car to take them on the next leg … [Read more...]

Playcar becomes a member of the CSA

Playcar is an Italian private CSO. We started our activity in May 2014 and obtained authorization for 10 parking lots from local government. We reached 100 users in six months and at the moment we are planning to add some more vehicles: bigger cars, vans, vehicles for disabled people and motor –scooters. We will introduce new  LP Gas vehicles to reduce co2 emissions when new parking lots will be authorized.  During our first month of activity we organized a course of sustainable mobility … [Read more...]

Saskatoon CarShare Co-op becomes a member of CSA

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-op was launched in February of 2014, and after a very successful first year is joining the ranks of CSA.  We currently have 2 fuel efficient vehicles in our fleet and are serving around 40 members in the Nutana Neighbourhood of Saskatoon.  Looking forward, we are hoping to expand our membership base and fleet to include the rest of Saskatoon.  The province of Saskatchewan has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, and 20% of that comes from … [Read more...]

TravelSmart becomes an affiliate of the CSA

  The CarSharing Association works closely with public transportation partners. We are members of the American Public Transportation Association, the International Union of Public Transport and the Canadian Urban Transit Association. We are happy to announce that TravelSmart has joined the CSA as an affiliate. TravelSmart helps people make better travel choices by offering tips and tools on cycling, walking, carpooling and taking transit across the Metro Vancouver region. TravelSmart is … [Read more...]

Respiro becomes a member of the CSA

Launched in 2010, Respiro Car Sharing is the pioneering car sharing company in the capital of Spain and currently offers its services in a network of over 100 car parks in the city of Madrid. Respiro´s low emission-, electric and hybrid cars represent the smart alternative to the private car for thousands of residents and businesses with their “pay as you go” system that allows members to rent cars by the hour or day with petrol and insurance included starting at 2 € / h and 25 € / day. Respiro … [Read more...]

Op-ed: Carsharing and Travel Behavior

This article from Friso Metz was posted on Eric Britton's World Streets Blog  It has some good insights on the consumer's process of considering carsharing, changing thinking patterns, and eventually changing travel behavior.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carsharing has a great impact on the travel behavior of people. In the literature on the subject’s attention to the question of how large these effects are. There is less attention … [Read more...]

OTA keys becomes an affiliate of the CSA

A joint venture between Continental and D’Ieteren, OTA keys introduces a global solution for carsharing organizations, car rental companies, OEM’s and fleet management companies. The technology allows users to access (unlock) and enable vehicle ignition by smartphone through Bluetooth or NFC connection. We can propose flexible hardware and software solutions depending on your needs. A minimum on board equipment allows easy and fast installation and great value for money with the highest security … [Read more...]

Report from the Michelin Bibendum Challenge in Chengdu, China

The Michelin Bibendum Challenge was one of the largest gatherings of the year on the topic of shared-use mobility. Carlo Di Giusto was in Chengu and provides this report.  Click here for the original text in Italian. >>>>>>>>>>>>> The car manufacturers want to excel in the services, not only in mobility products. It is one of the macro trends outlined this morning at the Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China, during the presentation by Sarwant Singh, a … [Read more...]


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