Cities and municipalities adopt carsharing services to replace owned fleets

  Carsharing has developed beyond a B2C service that enhances individuals mobility options.  Corporate carsharing, in a variety of forms, allows companies to divest of vehicle assets and contract with a service provider like Zipcar’s Fastfleet, to provide mobility for employees that need a car for work purposes. The financial benefits of switching from an owned fleet to a shared fleet have also also proven attractive to many cities and municipalities.  Washington, DC and Vancouver, Canada … [Read more...]

Zipcar partners with American Association of Retired Persons

One might not think of senior citizens and carsharing as a natural fit, but Zipcar has forged ahead with a partnership with AARP to make the offer to this growing demographic. For many senior citizens, private car ownership has always been a part of adult life and not long ago the choice of vehicle make and model was an important expression of one's personal of style and social status. Carsharing services have been much more popular with younger people and Zipcar's own research shows Millennials … [Read more...]

UK Department for Transport commits £500,000 to support car clubs

Reposted from: Car clubs are set to receive a £500,000 boost to drive forward their work, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer has announced. As part of a wider visit to Norfolk today (28 July 2014), the minister announced that the Department for Transport will provide the funding to support 2 pilot programmes which will promote much wider access to car clubs. Baroness Kramer said: Car clubs cut congestion, reduce carbon and save … [Read more...]

The CarSharing Association marks milestone and moves forward

In January 2011, 18 pioneering carsharing operators wrote a definition of carsharing and a code of ethics for carsharing operators.  As an explosion of new modes, technologies, awareness and number of users changed the way we think about shared-use mobility, the CSA definition of station-based, round-trip carsharing has stood the test of time very well.  The last three-and-a-half years, carsharing operators have seen remarkable membership growth, development of the offering and adoption of the … [Read more...]

Good Travel Software becomes a CSA Affiliate

Good Travel Software has developed the world’s first fleet balancing and yield management software for free-floating car sharing that sets the price of a booking according to demand. The software is designed to increase the daily revenue per car and to ensure that the car share customer always has a car available, whenever and wherever they need one. The software uses prediction analysis and algorithms based on artificial intelligence, scheduling and dynamic pricing to ensure the fleet is in … [Read more...]

State of Ridesharing: Rise of the Peer Economy

by Sunil Paul The peer economy, driven by the smartphone, is on a path to reinvent our economy, our culture and the way we live and work. The peer economy is the growing business segment of transactions between individuals - one person to another - without a middleman to manage and package it. Think eBay for everything. The peer economy is not new. In fact, it made up the entire economy before industrialization when corporations came to rule economic activity. The Internet changed … [Read more...]

Shared-Use Mobility Center Formed to Accelerate Availability, Equity and Impact of Innovative New Urban Transportation Models

WASHINGTON, DC -- (Marketwired) -- 06/10/14 -- A team of transportation professionals led by the Center for Neighborhood Technology the Transportation Sustainability Research Center of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Transit Center have joined forces to create the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC), which will be headquartered in Chicago. The announcement was made at the Innovations in Mobility Public Policy Summit taking place in … [Read more...]

JustShareIt becomes a CSA Affiliate

The CarSharing Association is pleased to announce that JustShareIt (JSI) is now a CSA Affiliate. JSI offers a car rental marketplace and a cloud-based technology platform for car sharing and car rental operators. JSI has a mobile app that provides consumers with instant access to vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. JSI offers a mobility platform that performs new member approval processes (e.g. driving record, credit rating, etc) and allows carsharing and car rental operators to … [Read more...]

JuiceCar becomes a member of the CSA

The CarSharing Association welcomes JuiceCar as a member. JuiceCar was founded in May 2013 and is the first carsharing service in Athens, GA.  Starting with 3 electric vehicles located at the Hotel Indigo, JuiceCar plans to expand the number of locations to serve downtown residents, university students, faculty and staff, and anyone else in Athens who desires an alternative to the burden of car ownership. At present, JuiceCar is the only CSa member running an all-electric fleet.    … [Read more...]

Enterprise CarShare becomes a member of the CSA

The CarSharing Association is pleased to announce that Enterprise CarShare is now a CSA member. Both Enterprise CarShare and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand are owned and operated by Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental company in the world and the most comprehensive service provider in the industry.  The company – which acquired Autoshare in March – offers Enterprise CarShare with a suite of products and policies specifically geared to the car-sharing customer experience.  Today, … [Read more...]


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