Job Posting: CarShareHFX Manager

With 26 cars in the Halifax area, this community-oriented mobility provider is growing and looking for talent to round out the team.  See the complete job description by clicking here: CarShareHFX_Manager_Job … [Read more...]

CarSharing, Public Transit and Livable Communities

In progressive cities, transportation officials recognize that personal mobility based on private car ownership has great costs to the public purse directly in infrastructure and maintenance costs, and indirectly through productivity losses due to traffic congestion and health costs attributable to air quality and commuting stress. Smart land use planning combined with walking, cycling, public transit and shared-use vehicles produces public benefits by reducing total vehicle miles travelled, … [Read more...]

Carsharing organizations in Singapore lobby government effectively

Governments can make progress on their mobility goals, by engaging the solutions that emerging shared-use mobility offers.   A group of carsharing companies in Singapore have made a successful appeal to government to recognize these opportunities though intelligent public policy.       … [Read more...]

Charge Ahead California: One Million Electric Cars, Trucks and Buses in Ten Years

Transportation is the single largest source of global warming pollution in California, creating pollutants that harm our environment and our health. But California can get in the driver’s seat and lead the transition from dirty vehicles to clean electric cars, trucks and buses. … [Read more...]

Millennials and the “New American Dream”   … [Read more...]

World Collaborative Mobility Summit, May 7 & 8, 2014 … [Read more...]

Is Car Sharing Operations For You?

Metavera announces the first webinar in its series of bootcamps on how to become a Car Sharing Operator.  Car sharing is now a profitable, high growth, locally-focused business model that is growing rapidly with over 1.7 million members and 43,000 vehicles in service.    Is Car Sharing Operations For You? Wednesday, February 5th 12pm EST  (5pm GMT, 9am PST)   This webinar will answer the following questions Car Sharing Operators need to know:  What are the revenues and … [Read more...]

CSA welcomes Time Car into membership

The CarSharing Association is pleased to welcome Time Car LLC into membership. Time Car offers a classic two-way carsharing service in Oklahoma City, Midlad, Texas and Marfa, Texas.  Time Car started operations in 2010 and has expanded to 18 vehicles. In our survey of smaller US carsharing operations, we found average booking time is 4.25 hours and average mileage is 28 miles. In large metropolitan centers, the trip times are shorter and VMT (vehicle miles travelled) distances are even lower.  … [Read more...]

Combined Mobility as key for tomorrow’s urban mobility

The International Association of Public Transport has produced an article describing the future of urban mobility.  The Combined Mobility Platform is a working group of shared-use mobility operators and public transit authorities that are working together to find way of integrating the modes.  For more on the work of the platform, see this post … [Read more...]

YoYo joins the Carsharing Association

Istanbul, Turkey is a city of more than 13 million people, and has significant challenges with both traffic congestion and air quality.  In 2012, Yoyo became Turkey's first carsharing organization and quickly deployed more than 135 vehicles into Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum.  Yoyo runs a wide variety of vehicles at different price points.  For economy, you can get into a Honda CRV or a Renault Clio.  At the top of the range you can access a BMW316i or a Mercedes C180.  Yoyo has also been actively … [Read more...]


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