APTA Twelve Principles for Integrated Mobility & Disruptive Technologies

The rise of multiple technology-driven mobility services has presented the traveling public a new array of mobility choices. At the same time, rapid advances in the development of autonomous vehicles and other vehicle technology systems have brought on various new visions of America’s transportation future. APTA’s efforts to understand this dynamic and disruptive landscape have given rise to the following questions: How can these services collectively work in an integrated transportation … [Read more...]

VeloMetro becomes a CSA Affiliate

Founded in 2013 and based in Vancouver, Canada, VeloMetro is focused on launching the world's first VeloCar sharing network. VeloMetro's VeloCars are fully enclosed, three-wheeled cycles with pedal-electric assist. They are specifically designed with sharing in mind by including keyless entry and advanced connectivity for easy user access and fleet monitoring in both one-way and station-based sharing applications. Ideal for urban commuting, VeloCars are a healthy, fun, and … [Read more...]

Anytime becomes a CSA Member

Citycar LLC under Anytime brand was founded in Spring of 2012. Company started with 50 cars and was the first who provided carsharing service on Russian market. Anytime is a pioneer of carsharing business in Russia, operating in the City of Moscow with 13,000 users and a fleet of 100 cars. Anytime service is unique: software developed in Russia and is the most advanced among the world analogues. Anytime clients can operate a car with a mobile application. Anytime company has a plan to … [Read more...]

Eco Service becomes an affiliate of CSA

Operating since 2010, Eco Service is a leader in eco-friendly automotive solutions. We clean, shuttle and maintain thousands of fleet and end-user vehicles every month. Our goal is to add value by taking time to understand the client’s needs and customizing smart & creative solutions that contribute positively to their bottom-line, organization’s environmental goals and save time. The company has grown consistently over the past 5+ years under the guidance of the original founders with … [Read more...]

Frost & Sullivan – Intelligent Mobility, July 1 & 2

Connectivity, Urbanisation and Social changes continue to have a profound impact on the future of personal and freight mobility, and on the car of the future. Our delegates to Urban Mobility 3.0, held annually in London since 2008, have witnessed the realisation of mega trends on the future of mobility, with new products & services being launched as a result. Urban Mobility is the annual global exclusive event where senior experts within mobility meet to make new connections and hear from … [Read more...]

HitchPlanet becomes an affiliate of the CSA

Meet HitchPlanet; Canada’s long distance rideshare platform Started in 2010 by two snow enthusiasts to reduce travel costs to the ski resort of Whistler, HitchPlanet is a rideshare platform that helps people share rides in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State. HitchPlanet helps drivers fill empty seats in their cars in return for cost contributions. This helps people travel more affordably and increases vehicle occupancy, which in turns reduces carbon emissions per … [Read more...]

Enterprise CarShare becomes a member of CSA

Enterprise CarShare formally announced yesterday — at the 2015 International Car Rental Show — that it has joined the CarSharing Association, a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing cooperation between urban mobility providers, cities and public transit. The announcement was made during the Car Rental Show’s session “The Convergence of Carsharing and Car Rental,” which highlighted the important role that the car rental industry plays in the evolution of urban mobility. Moderated … [Read more...]

GreenShareCar becomes a member of the CSA

Many startup carsharing operators go into businesses because they see a market need that is not well served. GreenShareCar was established six years ago in Melbourne Australia when Paul Cummaudo saw the opportunity to reduce parking requirements in new residential apartment buildings by offering shared vehicles to unit owners. GreenShareCar's mobility service integrates with strata property management and real estate development projects that Paul is involved with. GreenShareCar has grown to … [Read more...]

Special resolutions to change eligibility for membership approved

At the Annual Meeting held March 11, CSA members voted to to allow large carsharing companies, including car rental and car manufacturers, to become full members of the Association.  By permitting these new members to join, CSA is well positioned develop a unified industry voice to  advance cooperation between shared-use providers, public transport and cities. CSA remains focussed on 'member-driven cars', including round-trip, one-way, free-floating and peer-to-peer business models.  The CSA … [Read more...]

Cities: Drive less, live better

Carsharing has changed the way people view their relationship with the automobile. The combination of public transit, cycling, walking and other forms of shared-use mobility are causing many to consider the question “What do I really need a car for?”  Choice, delivered by technology, is driving changes in urban mobility.  By offering more choices, consumers, businesses and government can rationalize transportation expenses and reduce total ‘vehicle miles travelled’ (VMT). Reduced traffic … [Read more...]


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