CSA 2017 Carsharing Conference Slide Presentations



Session: An innovative and exciting future ahead

Alain Flausch (UITP Secretary General)   View

Part 2 : discussion with operators

David Van Kesteren (CEO Cambio Belgium/Chairman UITP combined mobility platform – Belgium)  View

Patrick Nangle (CEO, Modo – Vancouver)  View

Session: Cities and transit helping carsharing reach its full potential

Guillaume Longchamps (Transportation planning advisor – City of Montreal)  View

Sidney Ribaux (Executive Director, Equiterre – Montreal)  View

Tim Barton (Senior Transit Planning Engineer – City of Vancouver)   View


Session: Data is our friend – Research tells the carsharing story

Adam Cohen (Transportation Sustainability Research Center – Berkeley)  View

Grzegorz Wielinski (École Polytechnique de Montréal – Montreal) View

Hadi Dowlatabadi , Michiko Namazu (University of British Columbia – Vancouver)  View

Nicolas Louvet (6T – Paris)  View

Session: Sharing global policies – The future of carsharing

Jérémi Lavoie (Directeur Général Car2Go – Montreal) View

Session: What about small and medium sized markets?

Jean-Baptiste Schmider (General director, CITIZ – France)  View

Jennifer Dotson (Executive Director, Ithaca Carshare – Ithaca)  View

Wilson Wood (Director, Chief Sharing Officer, Vrtucar – Ottawa)  View

Session: Aggregation platforms, Mobility as a service, Autonomous vehicles: They are here!

Arnd Baetzer (Board Member, Mobility CarSharing – Switzerland) To come

Catherine Kargas (Vice President, Marcon – Montreal) View

Michel Stumpe (CEO, Free2move app – Berlin) View

Session: Keeping up with carsharing technology evolution. What’s the next best thing?

Alexandre Thibault (Vice President, Business Development North America, Vulog) View

Peter Soutter (CEO, Good Travel Software)  View

Rui Avelãs (Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mobiag)  View

Mark Thomas (Vice-President Marketing, Ridecell)  View



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