The True Future of Transportation Has Two Big Barriers to Entry

By Susan Shaheen and Matt Christensen In the wake of the automobile's 20th-century boom, the next notable shift in urban transportation may largely be defined by the digitization of mobility, including public transit and shared-vehicle services. With a growing population of multi-modal travelers and the development of shared-use transportation, the demand for seamless access to different modes is rising, particularly as environmental and socio-economic pressures mount. Shared-use mobility … [Read more...]

New study finds technology enabling Americans to drive less

In a first-of-its-kind study, U.S. PIRG compiled nation-wide evidence on transportation apps and vehicle sharing programs, and found that these advanced new tools have made it easier for Americans to drive less. Real-time apps and on-board wi-fi for public transit, as well as carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing have spread rapidly in recent years while driving has declined. The report examines new evidence on how these practices are changing travel behavior. … [Read more...]

CSA invites shared mobility organizations to quantify environmental and social benefits of sharing

February 12, 2013 Carsharing innovators have developed web-based platforms that use real time location data to match up drivers with unutilized vehicles, allow riders/cargo to join trips-in-progress, or schedule trips for a future time.  These developments, together with improved public transportation systems, traditional 2-way carsharing, biking and walking, are giving people more personal mobility choices and have decreased dependence on privately-owned vehicles. The CarSharing Association … [Read more...]

Where Should the Public Sector Invest in Alternative Modes of Transport?

A Comparative Study of Car Clubs and Electric Vehicles in London has been recently published by John Moore, Jacob Rodriguez, Masayo Tokuhiro and Christopher Wang, of The London School of Economics & Political Science in conjunction with Arup. Even if electric vehicles programs and Car Clubs are not necessarily an alternative, the researcher approached the two options in terms of prioritizing the public investment. The key findings are: 1. From the perspective of the public sector, car … [Read more...]


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