Canadian carsharing organizations say kudos to candidates walking the talk

Canadian carsharing organizations would like to wish success to the federal election candidates who have opted to carshare during the campaign and to all candidates who promote sustainable transportation. “We’re very pleased that federal candidates and their campaign workers across Canada are using shared cars for this election. Thousands of Canadians already carshare, along with walking, cycling, and taking transit as part of their sustainable and economical transportation network. We know … [Read more...]

CarSharing Association Announced


L-R, first row: Judith Harvey (PhillyCarShare), Tristan Sender (GoGet), Karen New (The Car Co-op), Sharon Feigon (I-GO Car Sharing), Benoit Robert (Communauto), Rick Hutchinson (City CarShare). Second row: Justin Raymond (AutoShare), Annie Bourdon (CarShare Vermont), Alyssa Alt (eGo CarShare), Tanya Paz (The Car Co-op), Jennifer Dotson (Ithaca Carshare), Marco Viviani (Communauto), Karen Worminghaus (eGo CarShare), Jennifer Jones (iCar), Pam Cooley (CarShareHFX). Third row: Graham Hill (eGo … [Read more...]


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