Inaugural Award for Excellence in Carsharing presented to City of Sydney, Australia

Lord Mayor Clover Moore of the City of Sydney and CSA Executive Tanya Paz


October 19, 2011 – At the annual CarSharing Association (CSA) conference in Montréal, Canada this month, the CSA announced a new award to be presented to a government authority ranked a leader in the development and implementation of carsharing support.

The inaugural award, the 2011 Award for Excellence in Carsharing has been awarded to the City of Sydney, Australia. The award is designed to recognize:

1. Government authorities that are delivering infrastructure to support carsharing
2. Give CSA members a reference to rank, encourage and benchmark action
3. Encourage excellence in carsharing support within government authorities

The CarSharing Association used the following criteria to judge the award:

1. For results, not plans; for delivery, not intentions
2. For long-term policies with a minimum timeframe of 3 years
3. For openness and transparency – policy process is fair, open and transparent

The award will be presented to Lord Mayor Clover Moore by CSA Executive visiting from Vancouver, Canada at a GoGet Carshare pod in Surry Hills, Sydney on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 09:45.

In presenting the inaugural award to the City of Sydney the Carsharing Association noted that the City:

1. Is one of the first local government authorities in the world to create a guideline and enforce carsharing in all new multi-storey developments within the City.
2. Plays a leadership role: The City of Sydney has provided close to 400 designated on-street parking spots to carsharing organizations so far; now the area of Sydney has 14 local councils that provide on-street parking at reasonable rates as well. This ripple effect has led to on-street parking being available for carsharing in three states in Australia. The City of Sydney provides an important role in leading the other councils by being a pioneer on policy development – and therefore providing best practices, sharing other information and advice.

About the CarSharing Association

The CSA currently represents carsharing organizations (CSOs) in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States of America interested in improving the credibility, quality of service and public knowledge of the carsharing industry.
All member organizations agree to adhere to the CSA definition of carsharing and follow the CSA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Member organizations encourage growth of carsharing and related sustainable transportation services over profit margins, prioritize stakeholders over shareholders, and recognize that carsharing is an integral form of transit within a sustainable transportation network.

The first CSA Annual Conference was held at the Biosphère in Montreal from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2011

Carsharing organizations from North and South America, Europe and Australia came together to exchange and deliberate on carsharing, its implications, and future development.

Guest speakers were invited to discuss how carsharing has meshed into the different transportation means and how it could be further integrated in our day to day lives.

To allow you to revisit a moment of the event or to share it with people interested in what happened, the videos and presentations of the open session on Monday the 3rd the October are available at

car2go Press Release “Lyon to become first French car2go city”

From: Tom Morrison-Jones []
Sent: 07 October 2011 11:26
To: Tom Morrison-Jones
Subject: car2go Press Release “Lyon to become first French car2go city”

Dear All,

For your interest and information, please find attached a press release marking an announcement between car2go and the City of Lyon.

I will keep you informed of any further roll-out news across Europe and North America as it happens.

Kind regards,

Tom Morrison-Jones
car2go UK Feasibility Team
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Canadian carsharing organizations say kudos to candidates walking the talk

Canadian carsharing organizations would like to wish success to the federal election candidates who have opted to carshare during the campaign and to all candidates who promote sustainable transportation.

“We’re very pleased that federal candidates and their campaign workers across Canada are using shared cars for this election. Thousands of Canadians already carshare, along with walking, cycling, and taking transit as part of their sustainable and economical transportation network. We know that voters will take notice,” said Wilson Wood, Chief Sharing Officer at Ottawa’s Vrtucar.

Representatives from almost every federal political party are among the growing number of carsharers. Some of these representatives (listed below) are candidates in the upcoming election:


Véronique Roy : Westmount – Ville-Marie (PQ)


Dylan Perceval-Maxwell : Alfred-Pellan (PQ)

Heather MacIntosh : Calgary Centre-North (AB)


Lorraine Chartier : Beauport-Limoilou (PQ)

Mauril Bélanger : Ottawa-Vanier (ON)

Hedy Fry : Vancouver Centre (BC)


Megan Leslie : Halifax (NS)

Raymond Côté : Beauport-Limoilou (PQ)

Papillon Annick : Québec (PQ)

Paul Dewar : Ottawa Centre (ON)

Nathan Cullen : Skeena-Bulkley Valley (BC)

Check out all the carsharing organizations across Canada at Click on the CityList tab. Thank you for carsharing!

CarSharing Association Announced

L-R, first row: Judith Harvey (PhillyCarShare), Tristan Sender (GoGet), Karen New (The Car Co-op), Sharon Feigon (I-GO Car Sharing), Benoit Robert (Communauto), Rick Hutchinson (City CarShare). Second row: Justin Raymond (AutoShare), Annie Bourdon (CarShare Vermont), Alyssa Alt (eGo CarShare), Tanya Paz (The Car Co-op), Jennifer Dotson (Ithaca Carshare), Marco Viviani (Communauto), Karen Worminghaus (eGo CarShare), Jennifer Jones (iCar), Pam Cooley (CarShareHFX). Third row: Graham Hill (eGo CarShare), Nic Lowe (GoGet), Richard Tourino (GoGet), Kevin McLaughlin (AutoShare), Felipe Campos Barroso (Zazcar), Bruce Jeffreys (GoGet), John Ribolzi (Community Car), Anna Cook (Ithaca Carshare), Chris Duffrin (HOURCAR), Wilson Wood (Virtucar), Michael Galligano (Buffalo CarShare), Creighton Randall (Buffalo CarShare), Christopher Bineham (HOURCAR), Brent O’Brien (City CarShare).

Washington, DC (January 24, 2011) — Eighteen carsharing organizations from around the world have announced formation of an association that sets the ethical, social and environmental bar for the carsharing industry. The driving principles of the new CarSharing Association (CSA) focus on environmental and social impact and responsibility, education, research and ethical practices.

The goals of carsharing organizations in CSA include reducing the number of cars on the road, relieving congestion and increasing transportation options. Unlike “cars on demand” services, member carsharing organizations are “transit-oriented” services, encouraging carsharing as part of a sustainable transportation network of choices that includes walking, cycling, and transit.

“We view our carsharing programs as a form of transit, getting people to the last leg of their destination,” said Sharon Feigon, CEO of I-GO Car Sharing, based in Chicago. “Members of the Association provide an important public service that enhances mobility options while creating sustainable communities.”

The Association’s member organizations span from Sydney to Halifax to Minneapolis to Sao Paolo and represent approximately 100,000 members across the globe. CSA members include innovators of carsharing in North America, the oldest of which has been operating since 1994. Unlike traditional car rental, carsharers use vehicles by the hour at a cost that includes gas, insurance, parking and maintenance. The CSA encourages closer integration of shared services among member organizations, including roaming memberships, supporting sustainable transportation and facilitating research.

“Carsharing is a reliable and flexible alternative to car ownership,” states the CSA’s founding document, “Its mission, vision and values lead to actions aimed at decreasing individual car ownership, reducing vehicle distance traveled, improving urban land use and development, and providing affordable access to vehicles for all constituencies – including those less able to afford car ownership.”

CSA members have created and agree to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for carsharing. Key themes include upholding the association’s social and environmental commitment, establishing and maintaining standards for the industry, quality of service to members and stakeholders, and vital public education and research.

Founding members of the CarSharing Association are:

Ashland CarShare (Ashland)
Media contact: Becky Brown
AutoShare (Toronto)
Media contact: Kevin McLaughlin
Buffalo CarShare (Buffalo)
Media contact: Creighton Randall
CarShare Vermont (Burlington)
Media contact: Annie Bourdon
CarShareHFX (Halifax)
Media contact: Pam Cooley
City CarShare (San Francisco)
Media contact: Anita Daley
CityWheels (Cleveland)
Media contact: Ryan McKenzie
Communauto (Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrooke)
Media contact: Marco Viviani
Community Car (Madison)
Media contact: John Ribolzi
eGo CarShare (Denver and Boulder)
Media contact: Graham Hill
GoGet (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane)
Media contact: Bruce Jeffreys
HOURCAR (Minneapolis)
Media contact: Christopher Bineham
I-GO Car Sharing (Chicago)
Media contact: Sharon Feigon
Ithaca Carshare (Ithaca)
Media contact: Jennifer Dotson
Modo (Vancouver)
Media contact: Tanya Paz
PhillyCarShare (Philadelphia)
Media contact: Judith Harvey
VRTUCAR (Ottawa)
Media contact: Wilson Wood
Zazcar (Sao Paolo)
Media contact: Felipe Barroso


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