CarShare Atlantic launches FLEX: one-way carsharing in Halifax

FLEX car in Halifax

CarShare Atlantic is proud to announce that Halifax residents can count on a new mobility service that is easy, flexible and sustainable: CarShare Atlantic FLEX, one-way carsharing.

The first group of 20 FLEX cars (Hybrids) have been added to the current fleet of CarShare Atlantic. The new FLEX vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at any location on street within a set geographical area or in special parking locations downtown.

CarShare Atlantic members will be able to locate FLEX cars on the smartphone app or on the website, block it for free for 30 minutes to give them time to reach the vehicle, access with their key fob, use them and then leave them somewhere else, on street or in special parking depots in the operating zone.

CarShare Atlantic’s FLEX zone

The 6.3 km2 “FLEX zone” takes up most of the peninsula. Members will be able to travel in and out of the zone, as long the car is brought back and parked in the zone or at designated drop off parking locations downtown like at Scotia Square. The Flex zone includes the participating Waterfront Development parking lots.

All CarShare Atlantic members are automatically eligible to use this service. New members will be able to join the FLEX service without the need to pay for an annual or monthly membership (a one time fee of 35$ is payable at registration) and use FLEX cars at a price of 0.41$/minute or 12$/hour including 100 km for free.

“We are proud to offer the best of two worlds: a station based carsharing service, perfect for planned trips and FLEX Carsharing: ideal for spontaneous one-way trips around town!” says Pam Cooley, President of CarShare Atlantic.

From left to right – Councillor Tim Outhit, CarShare Atlantic President Pam Cooley, Councillor Shawn Cleary, Communauto CEO Benoit Robert

The launch of this new service is significant. Halifax is joining the select club of cities worldwide that recognizes that the investment of station based and one way carsharing contributes to them achieving their multi modal mobility strategy and environmental goals.

Communauto, pioneer of carsharing services in North America, is the collaborative partner and mentor of CarShare Atlantic in this project. CEO Benoit Robert states, “We are proud to accompany CarShare Atlantic, first in the Maritimes, in the implementation of this new mobility service. This service will make it even more compelling for residents to combine transit, active mobility, taxi and carsharing for their mobility needs. We believe that FLEX will become a very popular option and we count on being able to increase the fleet and operating zone soon”.

The FLEX project is powered by technology provided by ETL Electronique, a Canadian company specialized in telemetry for transportation.

Citiz-LPA launches free-floating service in Lyon

Lyon Carsharing pionner, Citiz-LPA, enriches his station based offer with 100 vehicles in free-floating More details (in French)

Reflections on Carsharing – by Patrick Nangle (CEO, Modo, Vancouver, BC)

Soon approaching my first anniversary at Modo and in the industry, it’s a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned to date. My education has been greatly facilitated by my colleagues at Modo, regular interactions with our many stakeholders and most recently by participation at the Car Sharing Association (CSA) conference in Montreal.

Patrick Nangle (CEO, Modo)

To summarize in a few words, I am delighted to be onboard at what I believe is a pivotal moment in the evolution of carsharing. The rest of the world has woken up to the benefits that early entrants like Modo and its members have known for decades, that carsharing complements public transit, biking and walking to make possible a lifestyle free of the burden of car ownership. The value of not having to own a car or second car, but having one available when you need it, will vary by individual, and typically includes some composite of improved personal economics and reduced environmental impact.

A very significant catalyst to the rapid growth in shared mobility today is the relatively recent entry of well-funded and highly motivated service and technology providers. These include technology companies of all sizes, from start ups to global giants like Apple, Google and Uber, and virtually all auto manufacturers. They are driving rapid business model experimentation and the probable convergence of some of the existing and emerging models we are familiar with: station-based carsharing, free floating carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, ridesharing, ride-hailing, carpooling, on-demand transit, autonomous vehicles. What motivates them? An emerging market potential for new forms of personal mobility that is measured in trillions of dollars.

And they are not alone. Public transit system operators and local governments are also pro-actively driving carsharing adoption, increasingly recognizing the mutual benefit that comes from collaboration and co-operation. We hear that in our conversations with them.

What does all this mean for a purpose-driven, carsharing co-operative like Modo?  That by working co-operatively with the right partners, making thoughtful strategic choices and staying focused on our Purpose, our chances are better than they have ever been to make a difference, for our members and the communities we serve.

Yes, Canada has seen four consecutive years of record new vehicle sales and there remains much to be done. At the same time though, Modo, and carsharing generally, is growing even faster. An unstoppable tidal wave of change is building, propelled by lifestyle affordability challenges, climate change realities and big investments in technology. I expect these next few years will be very exciting and am optimistic about what we can achieve together as we continue to make carsharing available to more people in more places.



Ridecell acquires Auro, leader in self-driving technology for low speed deployments


 The CSA Carsharing Association congratulates CSA Affiliate “Ridecell” with its new acquisition introducing the First Complete Autonomous New Mobility Solution.“The Auro acquisition and the launch of our autonomous operations platform represent the next phase of our strategy to provide a complete autonomous solution for Ridecell customers,” said Aarjav Trivedi, CEO of Ridecell.



2017 CSA Conference speaker presentations


The presentation of the 2017 CSA conference “Shaping the future of carsharing” are available for consultation at the page Slide presentation.

Thanks to all our great speakers, sponsors and participants.




Enterprise CarShare becomes a member of CSA

Enterprise CarShare formally announced yesterday — at the 2015 International Car Rental Show — that it has joined the CarSharing Association, a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing cooperation between urban mobility providers, cities and public transit.
The announcement was made during the Car Rental Show’s session “The Convergence of Carsharing and Car Rental,” which highlighted the important role that the car rental industry plays in the evolution of urban mobility.
Moderated by Alan Woodland, executive director of the CarSharing Association, the panel discussion included Enterprise CarShare’s Kyle Sabie as well as three other industry experts.
The CSA is a global industry trade group with members in 11 countries.
“We work closely with public transit authorities and city officials to serve as advocates for a portfolio of mobility options,” said Woodland. “Enterprise CarShare is a well-established player in the industry, and we’re glad to have their help in expanding support for sustainable urban mobility in communities around the world.”
Enterprise CarShare is available in more than 35 U.S. states, Canada and the U.K., on nearly 100 university campuses and through 40 dedicated government and business accounts, according to the company.
“At its core, carsharing is a car rental transaction, whether you rent for an hour or a week and whether you do it in person or digitally,” said Sabie, corporate rental manager for Enterprise CarShare. “Car rental companies like Enterprise are applying the technology many of us associate with carsharing to make picking up a car accessible and seamless for anyone, not just carsharing members.”

Special resolutions to change eligibility for membership approved

At the Annual Meeting held March 11, CSA members voted to to allow large carsharing companies, including car rental and car manufacturers, to become full members of the Association.  By permitting these new members to join, CSA is well positioned develop a unified industry voice to  advance cooperation between shared-use providers, public transport and cities.

CSA remains focussed on ‘member-driven cars’, including round-trip, one-way, free-floating and peer-to-peer business models.  The CSA cooperates with bikesharing, ridesharing, carpooling, vanpooling, rental car, TNCs and other forms of urban mobility and considers these actors a part of the “portfolio of mobility options” that complements public transit and reduces the need for private car ownership in cities. The CSA is looking forward to engaging potential new members, identifying common interests and advancing cooperation in the development of the carsharing industry.


JustShareIt becomes a CSA Affiliate

The CarSharing Association is pleased to announce that JustShareIt (JSI) is now a CSA Affiliate. JSI offers a car rental marketplace and a cloud-based technology platform for car sharing and car rental operators. JSI has a mobile app that provides consumers with instant access to vehicles on an hourly or daily basis.

JSI offers a mobility platform that performs new member approval processes (e.g. driving record, credit rating, etc) and allows carsharing and car rental operators to approve applicants more quickly and get them into cars faster.  RideLink, JSI’s on board telematics system, allows drivers to use mobile phones to access vehicles without needing a separately issued RFID carsharing fob card.

Carsharing operators may make their vehicles available to be rented through the JSI Car Rental Marketplace. Cars can be found and booked by vetted, qualified JustShareIt members —  driving additional utilization and revenue to your organization.

For more on JSI vist


Enterprise CarShare becomes a member of the CSA

The CarSharing Association is pleased to announce that Enterprise CarShare is now a CSA member. Both Enterprise CarShare and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand are owned and operated by Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental company in the world and the most comprehensive service provider in the industry.  The company – which acquired Autoshare in March – offers Enterprise CarShare with a suite of products and policies specifically geared to the car-sharing customer experience.  Today, Enterprise CarShare is available on more than 75 university campuses, 40 government and business campuses, and in approximately 20 major markets. 

Enterprise Holdings also operates a leading carpooling and vanpooling program for commuters, Enterprise Rideshare. In addition, it offers an online ride-matching program – Zimride by Enterprise – that connects hundreds of thousands of drivers and passengers, while partnering with colleges and universities to facilitate transportation-management solutions. In fact, Enterprise has been delivering transportation alternatives right where people live and work since 1957, an early example of today’s “collaborative consumption” trend. In 1997, it trademarked the term Virtual Car® and began featuring the “virtual car” concept in a Toronto newspaper ad.

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels was established in 2007 to create the next generation of alternative fuel technologies from environmentally sound plant and algal sources, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on non-renewable resources.  Enterprise also works with the Arbor Day Foundation and the United States Forest Service to plant 1 million trees every year throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as part of the Enterprise 50 Million Tree Pledge. Supported by a $50-million commitment from Enterprise, the private/public/nonprofit partnership already has resulted in nearly 9 million trees being planted in areas suffering damage from wildfires and other natural disasters (an interactive map of the plantings is available online).

Enterprise Holdings currently partners with the Initiative for Environmental Global Leadership (IGEL) organization at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and recently commissioned a Special Report on Innovation and Urban Mobility outlining the opportunities and challenges of carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing and public transit. The company sponsored this report not only because it operates the largest fleet in the world (more than one million passenger vehicles), but also more than 6,000 neighborhood and airport rental locations located within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population. 

For more information about Enterprise Holdings’ initiatives, please see its most recent Corporate Sustainability Report – or its website, which articulates the company’s long-term strategic principles and holds it accountable.


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