The CarSharing Association is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Illinois, USA. Our purpose is to facilitate education about, and promotion of, the car sharing industry and the impact of car sharing services. For more detail, please view the links below:

Purpose, goal and mission
What is car sharing?

Our Board of Directors for 2013/2014

Karen Worminghaus, eGo CarShare

Wilson Wood, VRTUCar

Marco Viviani, Communauto

Creighton Randall, Buffalo Car Share

Kevin McLaughlin, AutoShare

Rick Hutchinson, CityCarShare

Jennifer Dotson, Ithaca Carshare

Pam Cooley, CarShare HFX

Annie Bourdon, CarShare Vermont

Christopher Bineham, HOURCAR

Phil Baudin, Modo the Car Coop

Gladstone McFarlane, CarPingo

Jeff Winter, City of Aspen CartoGo

Sonya Newenhouse, Madison Community Car

Felipe Barroso, Zazcar

Aaron Russin, Peg City Car Cooperative

Diego Solòrzano, Carrot

Jason Hammond, Community CarShare


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