VeloMetro becomes a CSA Affiliate

Founded in 2013 and based in Vancouver, Canada, VeloMetro is focused on launching the world’s first VeloCar sharing network. VeloMetro’s VeloCars are fully enclosed, three-wheeled cycles with pedal-electric assist. They are specifically designed with sharing in mind by including keyless entry and advanced connectivity for easy user access and fleet monitoring in both one-way and station-based sharing applications.

Ideal for urban commuting, VeloCars are a healthy, fun, and environmentally-friendly alternative to automobiles. VeloMetro has designed the VeloCar to fit within power assisted cycle regulations across North America, and has also overcome the shortcomings of bicycles by providing protection from bad weather, lockable cargo capacity, and seamless electric assist for riding up hills and over longer distances.

At the time of joining the CSA in May of 2015, VeloMetro was preparing for initial VeloCar production and finalizing discussions with civic partners for fleet pilots beginning in late 2015. VeloMetro plans to launch the world’s first VeloCar sharing network in 2016.


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