CSA welcomes Time Car into membership

The CarSharing Association is pleased to welcome Time Car LLC into membership. Time Car offers a classic two-way carsharing service in Oklahoma City, Midlad, Texas and Marfa, Texas.  Time Car started operations in 2010 and has expanded to 18 vehicles.

In our survey of smaller US carsharing operations, we found average booking time is 4.25 hours and average mileage is 28 miles. In large metropolitan centers, the trip times are shorter and VMT (vehicle miles travelled) distances are even lower.  We’ve observed carsharing success stories in high-density, urban environments where public transportation is well developed.  In Marfa, Time Car’s drivers choose longer bookings and drive greater distances than other US carsharing operators.  When we see a operation that “breaks the rules” of conventional carsharing, we are interested in finding out more about how that is done.

Welcome aboard time Car!  we look forward to a successful partnership. Members of the CSA share data and best practices to encourage the development of transit-oriented carsharing.  


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